Japanese Jav 日本のjav Nihon no jav
Japanese Jav 日本のjav Nihon no jav

SexJapanTV sjt_25000-3-def-1 BUTTS WITH A BANG!



When a gorgeous Asian gal lifts her skirt and you get a perfect view of her round pretty rump, you’d love to go in and bury your face in that sweet, smooth crack. But watch out! These lethal lovelies are packing a booty full of hot juicy toots. Get close at your own risk. Our first pretty air horn is a black-clad coed who flashes a happy smile as she gets on her knees and perks up her butt. Keeping her satiny panties on she lets out a rip then bursts out laughing. It’s so much fun that she turns around again and rips one even louder and ruder, right out of her beautiful bare ass.

Next up, a pretty Japanese flower with perfect curves and pink panties. When she strips down to aim her bare booty she lets it swell till it’s ready to explode with a gassy vengeance. Then she poses on the soda with one leg lifted up and her furry crack right out in the open. Her butt blasts a hot stinky one with the sound of a booty bugle. Then a sweatered lovely shyly blasts a gust of foul wind in our direction, with a little giggle. If you get a date with a beauty like this, be careful not to squeeze too hard or you’ll get caught in a blast of butthole breeze.

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